Shipped educational VR simulations on cellular biology for middle school students guiding them to build and dissect living cells, control the stages of mitosis, specialize their cells, and more.

Research Labs: CREATE Lab, Future Reality Lab NYU

Client/Funder: Verizon

My contributions:
3D design, animations, technical art (materials, shaders, particles), Blueprints (UE4), UI and interaction design

My Contributions

3D Assets Creation & Environment Design

A virtual classroom full of futuristic technology to deliver the most engaging educational simulations. I was responsible for a lot of the 3D asset production (modelling, UVs, PBR texturing, rigging, animation, lighting and materials) as well as performance optimization (draw calls, polycount, rendering, etc.).

image of lab environment in a game created by Sounakimage of lab environment in a game created by Sounak

Interactive Animations and Shaders

Whether that be manipulating an organelle, flattening the entire cell, or dissolving a membrane - I used different methods to create interactive animations and visuals. Each interaction required different approaches to achieve the desired outcome.

Blueprints (Visual scripting)

I prototyped interactions and level designs using Blueprints in UE 4.27. This allowed me to control material parameters programmatically, make level design tools, add interactivity to menus, cast events from the simulation controllers, and more.

User Interfaces & Tools

Non-digetic UI includes panels, sliders, buttons, etc; while Digetic UI includes tools like spray bottle (to activate cells), vacuum gun (to delete objects), splatoon gun (to paint on surfaces) and wristwatch (to open the menu).