Scuba's Ocean Odyssey VR

An educational virtual reality game where you can explore deep waters as Scuba, the submersible, and learn about plastic pollution in the ocean.

Developed by Avolve Innovations and Sunken Games.

Concept and Story

Before the game development began, I made an animated cinematic trailer to visualize what the game could be to pitch to stakeholders.

The story and characters were inspired by the accumulation of plastic wastes in the Pacific ocean, called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This cinematic trailer served as our initial pitch to find new hires and investments.

3D Asset Creation

Once the game development began, my workflow for creating 3D assets always started with a sketch on paper. Then I would proceed to modelling in Maya or Blender, UV unwrap the model, and texture it in Substance Painter. I followed the PBR workflow so that it would be compatible with game engines. Below are examples of few assets I made.

Scuba the submersible

The main character that the player would embody and maneuver through the VR game. Scuba is a sentient submersible (kind of like Wall-E), who lives under the ocean.

Scuba 3d modelScuba 3d model


This was the player's base station under the ocean. This is where the player would deposit what they scavenged, recharge their submersible and build new tools.

Hub 3d model with wireframes
Sketch of Hub on paper
3d model of Hub front view3d model of Hub three quarters view3d model of Hub back view3d model of Hub top view

Water jet/cannon

This was one of the tools the player could build. It could be used to break down large clumps of garbage.

3d model of water jet with wireframe
3d model of water jet front view3d model of water jet side view

Other assets and animations

I built and maintained a 3D asset library for our game development pipeline, which included created as well as store bought assets from online stores. Many of the store bought assets needed to be modified and repurposed for our game as well.

3d model of metal futuristic trash cananimation of turtle swimming

Level Design

I also took on the responsibility of assembling the scenes in Unity. I designed the map of the level, play tested the flow of the game, and then optimized the performance while maintaining best visual quality. I sketched a map of all the other possible levels based on the story.

map of different game levels in the ocean

Playtesting at Expos

We attended many game conventions and expos to market our game.

Scuba's Ocean Odyssey was presented in Play NYC 2018 where it got a great response from both parents and children. Watch their responses in this video.

Download for free for Oculus Rift and Rift S.