Xtendicare: Inhibition Training

Using eye-tracking in VR to create Inhibition Training
that aims to improve reading attention for kids with ADHD.

In this game, you have to read sentences in front of you, while little aliens are dancing at the periphery of your vision trying to draw your attention, but if you look at them they stop dancing.

This was a 4-week long project.
Funded by NYU Makerspace (Prototyping fund)
Team: Lucas Wozniak, Ayanna Seals, Lilly Lin, Rajshree Saraf, Sounak Ghosh
My role: Unity Developer (C#)


We used the HTC Vive Pro Eye headset with Tobii eye-tracking integrated. After setting up our room-scale VR station, it was time to begin development. The researchers and designers in my team did most of the ideation, while I was responsible for scoping the feasibility and development needs. My dev process is to rapid prototype and playtest ideas as soon as possible, because I learn the most by doing.

The final prototype had interactive features like a distraction meter that increased as the eye-gaze wandered away from the text, music volume that increased/decreased based on eye-gaze, gaze-based next button to load following paragraph, and a simple game state machine.

See Github Repo